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Look out for the following qualities;

The wandering eye: there is absolutely nothing wrong in admiring other people and complimenting their looks, but when your man’s eyes wander easily to other women when he is with you and this happens more often than not, then you might be dealing with a real player.

Inconsistent Communicator: a man is either so much into you and is buzzing your phone every second, wanting to hear about your day and giving you all the attention in the world or is doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you and only contacts you once in a blue moon.

When communication becomes as inconsistent as PHCN or whatever they are called these days, then he might not exactly be into you.

Sweet talker: being a sweet talker isn’t exactly a bad thing but watch out. If all a brother does when you have an issue where he is wrong is to sweet talk you, then he is probably trying not to get caught and is trying this means so you can stop complaining.

Overly friendly and flirtatious: there is absolutely nothing wrong with being friendly but watch it, if he becomes too friendly with other women, flirts right in front of you/under your nose, he just might be a good sports man.

He cancels dates: Cancelling dates and events and shows you both planned to agree together at the last minute is his thing and he does it so often you begin to feel like he is not really there. Well, maybe he is trying to prepare you for when he is not going to be really there.

He usually answers with Maybe: Q “Do you think this will work?” A “Maybe” Q “Would we be meeting next week for a date?” A “Maybe” Q “Would you call me back when you can talk?” A “Maybe”

Okay, maybe he is a player.

You have no clue where his friends are or who they are: if you mean something at all, he would let you know the people around him. if you don’t know them, never meet them and he isn’t bothered about taking you to them, then he probably doesn’t want you to get too close.

Most importantly, a player might not exhibit any of these signs and still be a player, look closely and clearly for signs that don’t make you comfortable and take time to see if this person is for real or not.



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