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How to save – if by the time you are almost thirty you still have no idea how to save money then you are in real deep shit hon.

What your dreams are and how to realize them – before you enter your twenties, you should have figured out what you want and how to achieve it. If you don’t know what you want and you are almost thirty then you really should find it out now and really do something about it.

How to take the important things importantly – you see, in life there are some things that are very important and others, not so much. Find the important things and take them seriously, decide the less important ones and focus on the important ones.

Shed anything that brings stagnancy or any form of backwardness – E.g Terrible friends, bad habits, bad influence, same choices with terrible repercussions and wrong choices. Thirty is not the age where you turn grey but it is the age where you should be taking care of things before you turn grey.

Love yourself – you might have spent most of your twenties wishing your boobs were rounder like water melons, wishing you had Kim Kardashian’s type of ridiculous ass or wishing your legs were straighter. Welcome to your thirties where you should have decided that you love yourself and you would continue to with the flaws. Embrace your imperfections.

Have an idea where your career is headed – it is one thing to know your dreams and pursue it, it is another thing to know where you want to be in your career. For example, do you want to be out of the present job in two years to pursue your own thing? Or do you simply want to be in this place for a very long time…till retirement maybe?

Whatever it is you want, before you are thirty you should have mapped it out.

What you want from your family and how to raise that family – by now, if you have settled down then you must have an idea of the number of kids you want, when you want them and how you want to raise them.

You don’t want life to throw surprises at you where your kids are concerned. Those are by far the worst type of surprises.

Spending wisely – how do you want to spend your money? Are you an impulsive spender? Whatever it is you like to do with money, decide how you want to spend wisely before you are thirty. A fool at thirty is



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