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You’ve read the title of the article and you think it sounds cliché, wait till you read it and see that it isn’t.

Let me tell you why, we all sometimes fall into the hands of these guys and it is not because we are stupid, it is because we aren’t looking well enough and we overlook the heavy flaws.

The man whore. He calls you, probably even comes over to yours to pick you and then refuses to talk to you for weeks after you have spent the night. Then one day he sends a message asking when he can come pick you again.

Throw him to the sharks and if you cant find sharks throw him to the dogs and if you cant find dogs, offload him inside the Lagoon.

The man boy. He is younger and you know it, nobody is hiding that fact but you need him to rebound or get over the current phase in your life and to be honest, he is mad fun. However, you don’t want this little one to stay around long enough for you to earn the title “cradle snatcher” or worse “sugar mommy” because you know deep down that you might be the mommy but you certainly got no (financial) sugar.

Relieve yourself of the young blood and find an adult who has the same zest, can give you the same kinda fun and who is mature.

The man with the baggage. Except you are hundred percent ready to handle the extra wahala that comes with a man with baggage, you want to let this one go right away.

His baggage could include financial, personal or even spiritual. A man who cant pay his bills, is always in debt and worse a spendthrift might give you bigger issues than you anticipate and a man who cant decide his spiritual bearing might have you in trouble soonest.




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