The Mandela Of Chocolates: KitKat Named Most Influential Candy Bar Of All Time

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Popular candy bar KitKat has been named by TIME magazine as the most influential candy bar of all time.

KitKat topped the list of the 13 most influential candy bars, beating popular brands like Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Toblerone and Nestle’s Milk Chocolate.

According to TIME,

Beyond being the first candy bar to be marketed around sharing, which helped turn chocolate into a social snack, Kit Kat was also the first to gain a global following. Whereas Hershey’s and Cadbury cornered different markets with similar products, the wafer-filled Kit Kats launched in both Europe and the U.S. before entering Australia, Asia and Africa—paving the way for other blockbuster bars like Snickers and Butterfinger. Decades later, Kit Kat remains a global obsession: last year, Google’s Android announced its new operating system would be called “KitKat,” and in January, Tokyo welcomed the first all-Kit Kat store, featuring flavors like edamame soy bean, purple sweet potato and wasabi.



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