The Kenema Interlude 2014 Collection

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Sierra Leone London designer Tamu Thomas recently released her Kenema Interlude Collection. The Interlude collection is simply print perfect. Kenema is a London-based fashion brand that uses traditional African textiles and wax cotton to create modern style. The brand is representative of its founder Tamu Thomas’ experience of life as a first generation Londoner of West African parentage. It is a combination of London’s various cultural influences from language to music to roots steeped in West African tradition. kenema3 kenema4 kenema5 kenema kenema2

According to the designer, With Interlude I’m exploring the androgynous aesthetic prevalent in a lot of 90s fashion. Going on to speak about the design label which started in 2010, Tamu said, “It went from receiving a dress from Sierra Leone as a present to discussions about importing them, to me sitting down and thinking there must be a way to use these fabrics in everyday garments that will appeal to a global audience, to me actually designing and producing an entire collection.”



Kenema takes its name from the third largest city in Sierra Leone, just one of many ravaged by the civil war which raged from 1991 until 2002.The citizens of Kenema carry themselves with such courage and resilience,” says Tamu. “I want my brand to represent that beauty, strength and tenacity in all of the people.



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