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A lot of black women are afraid to try on red hair colour. Most believe it won’t suit their skin tone; others are not just daring enough.

That’s not right! Every woman should get in on this exciting, vibrant, energetic head-turning hue. Even just a hint of red in your weave, will completely transform your look. It’s all about finding the right shade for your skin tone.

Black women with LIGHTER SKIN TONES naturally go for red shades starting from STRAWBERRY BLONDE to BRIGHT RED. Dull red colours (wine, burgundy) are not suitable for such skin tones, as it will only give a pale finish.


 MEDIUM BROWN SKIN TONED women are recommended to try out red shades starting from COPPER BLONDE to MEDIUM AUBURN RED.


 RICH DARK SKINNED women should go for red shades starting from MEDIUM AUBURN to CHESTNUT BROWN. WINE and BURGUNDY will also go great with this skin tone.


If you still feel its too daring, you can take “baby steps” and do some highlights on your weave tips to give it that OMBRE RED feel.


Beauty by Hairven

Beauty by Hairven

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