Style Interview: Boj Of DRB Lasgidi

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Boj is a member of the music group called DRB Lasgidi. They call their type of music drb. His unique style choices helped 360Nobs single him out for a style interview.

Describe your style in 2 words?

Simple & Different.


Are your style choices a deliberate attempt to separate you from other artistes or are they genuine?

No they are genuine; Fashion to me is all about being “comfy”.


Do you use a stylist? (Who is your stylist)

Sometimes, once in a while. I have worked with Jekwu a few times. He understands my style, so he is cool.


Where do you shop?

Anywhere, I can shop anywhere. It is all about finding stuff I like. I am not really about big names and all that. As far as I like it, I will wear it.


Do you have any style icons?

No, not really.



Why do you think the fashion industry pays more attention to females, than it does to males?

Obviously females care about fashion way more so its expected.


What fashion item can you not do without?

My hat and my rings


When you travel, how do you pack your hats?

I put my hats in a duffle bag. I stack them on top of each other and put them in the bag, which is my hat bag.


What would you never be caught dead wearing?

Pants, I can never ever be caught wearing pants! Boxers all day.


Do designers ever send you items for free?

Yes, they do.


Who are your favorite designers?

Black Brother Baby, Sick Rabbit & Modus Vivendi.


If you were to start a clothing line, would it be a brand for females or males?

Yeah it would be a unisex brand, funny enough we are actually in the process of developing one right now!


What do you intend to name it?

I am not allowed to say that yet because i actually do not know what name we are going to go with. We have a few options.


Would you say your style and your genre of music are connected?

Yes, I think they are


360Nobs Style applauds Boj’s style, and we wish him the very best in 2014. Stay Stylish Boj.



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