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The worst things happen to us in relationships sometimes that it affects our next relationship so much that we decide some things are too good to be true and true love begins to scare us.

We begin to believe we have to work for love. When it is love, It is love and when it is real, guess what? It is real. If it comes to you easily with all the beautiful things involved and with your idea of complete package, don’t push it away saying it is too good to be true because that might be you losing a wonderful person.

When you need him, you ignore him. when the day goes bad or something awful has happened and you really need a shoulder, that is when you run away from the most capable shoulders. Simply because you don’t want to lean on him too much, you don’t want to get used to him being there. This is fear and it means you believe one day he would walk away and never come back but the truth is, you honestly need to let your guard down, it is the number one rule in the book of unwritten rules of love.

You never share anything personal and when you do, you kill yourself for it. It is okay to be vulnerable with and around the one you love and are in a relationship with. Don’t worry about breaking rules or anything, just open up to him and share everything with him.

When you become weak, you don’t let it happen. You don’t cry for too long when you cry with him because you suddenly tell yourself you shouldn’t be doing that with your man. Then you wipe your face and hurriedly steer the conversation in another direction.

Truth is a lot of things might cross your mind when he is consoling you, those things can include you thinking he might be seeing you as child, he might be thinking of wanting to be somewhere else.

Don’t let your mind wander, just stay in the moment and take baby steps.



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