Relationships Are Like Smartphones by @JesseOguns

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Whenever I get a new smartphone, I get so excited that I play with it all the time – in the bus, walkway, meetings (*covers eyes*), almost everywhere. Soon, the appeal of the new smartphone wanes.

Suddenly, there’s a new app or update of an app that I have been using on the smartphone or the smartphone makers update the operating system on the phone and the phone looks all new again and I don’t have the feeling it is old/stale again. Aha!

In the early stages of relationships, everything is new, sweet and exciting. As it peaks, it seems to be just normal. If the two people involved do not refresh the relationship and update it one way or the other, they’ll start feeling as if they have fallen out of love with each other. More like: I don’t think I love you any more.

I call it: rekindle your love actively each time.

You don’t expect a relationship that has been set on auto to look fresh every now and then. By auto, I mean: you don’t take the initiative to excite one another. You have to manually and deliberately inject newness into your relationship every now and then.

Stop the blame. Don’t blame the other party for making it stale. You and your partner should be ready to inject newness into your relationship each time.

Don’t be a kid that sees a new toy and suddenly stops playing with the old one. That’s what some people do when they meet a new girl or boy–they start looking down on the person they are with.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If it seems as if your relationship is stale right now, ask yourself: how much am I doing to inject newness into it? Have I taken the initiative lately?

How do you inject newness into your own relationship?



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