Psycho: Woman Who Tattooed Name Of Cheating Boyfriend Cuts The Skin Off & Sends It To Him [PHOTOS]

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A 26-year old woman name Torz Reynolds cut off her skin and sent it to her ex-boyfriend Stuart ‘Chopper’ May, when she realized he had been cheating on her.

Reynolds had a tattoo on her arm of the words “Chopper’s Bitch”, and when she found out that May was cheating on her, she cut off the skin where the tattoo was with a scalpel and sent it to him.

May had originally told Reynolds that he was traveling to Alaska to get a job, but had instead moved in with another woman whom he was having an affair with.

It took her an hour and a half to carefully slicing the skin from her arm. She then used a pair of dissection tweezers to peel the skin back.

Afterwards, the remnants of the tattoo were put in a jar, wrapped up with a bow and sent via recorded delivery to her former lover.

Miss Reynolds even tracked it online so she knew for definite that Chopper, 24, had received it.

Miss Reynolds, originally from Colchester, Essex, said: ‘I packaged it up so it really did look like a present. I even used different handwriting so he’d have no idea that it was me.

‘I can’t imagine what his reaction was. I wish I could have been there to see it.’

Guys, would you like this kind of girlfriend? Check out the gruesome pictures below!

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