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Printivo is a general printing solution that takes care of different printing solutions: business stationery and marketing materials. Their offering goes beyond business cards. When I first heard about the service all I was thinking about is a business card making company using the Internet. The moment Olu’yomi Ojo, who describes himself as the Chief Idea Officer, told me their offering goes beyond that, I took more interest.


The usual way most people get their office prints is that they ask for recommendations and a printer previously used by a friend or a colleague comes to take the order and gets the print done. For those who do not get a recommendation, they’ll have to make the journey to Mushin or Shomolu and make an order or just visit a business center nearby, who then designs something for them and get the prints done at Shomolu/Jibowu the home of prints and printers in Lagos.

If you are like me, I don’t like going to the big markets like Mandilas in Lagos Island—leaves me super tired and drained. With the click of a button, I buy phone case, smartphones, shoes and even eye wares online these days using my Bank ATM here in Lagos. I once dreamed that such things would one day become possible. It’s here now and happening on a grand scale.

There are so many things that can be bought online in Nigeria now from the click of a button. Printivo is adding to the least of things we can order with the click on a button—business prints can now be designed, ordered and delivered to you in the comfort of your home and office without going through all the stress you once went through—and at a market competitive price.

Oluyomi Ojo, Deji Adeogun and Ibukun Oloyede founded Printivo. Oluyomi describes himself as the Chief Idea Office, Deji is the Chief Action Officer and Ibukun is the Chief Ink Officer. The three of them work hand in hand to ensure that all the operation goes well and customers are served well and on time.

“Since we launched our online portal,” Deji told me, “we have served customers by running different prints for them. Nigerians are becoming more comfortable buying online,” he told me. “Our experience in the last two weeks proofs that, and I can tell you the graph keeps rising. The level of convenience online buying brings in second to none—customers can order for business cards, letterheads, envelopes, handbills, promotional materials etc without stepping out of their home/office to confront the Lagos traffic and have the items delivered within days.

3 4Printivo isn’t making this service available to residents of Lagos only. While Lagos residents will be enjoying free delivery within 3 working days, Printivo charges a little more for other cities and these deliveries are made within 5 days. Printivo has its own printing facilities and this is responsible for the speed with which they aim to deliver to their customers. The deliveries are not outsourced, but are carried out by their own delivery personnel. 5

Printivo is really trying to solve a problem that has existed for sometime with regards to prints and they are planning to add some excellence to it—delivering quality prints to its customers on time.

The online portal offer some flexibility where you can upload your own design or choose one of the custom designs that are available on the websitie. The online tool is very easy to use and if you encounter any challenge while trying to use it, they have agents on ground that you can email or call on the phone that will rise to the occasion and help you to sort things out.


Printivo is positive this solution is one that will be used by businesses and individual as more and more Nigerians are becoming comfortable with paying online with their bankcard. In the case that a customer would rather speak with them on the phone and come all the way to their office, they allow that too. Olu’yomi made it clear to me that some of their customers who aren’t comfortable with online paying yet have made this kind of demands from them.

I wonder what else would be sold online. Food is being sold online already. Clothes, real estate, bus tickets, conference tickets, even sport events with friends and like minded people and now printing service is being sold and delivered to customers’doorstep. Who knows what else wil be sold online.

To order for your business prints right away, head over to and enjoy the peace of mind that come through using their service. Join the customers that are already being delighted all over Nigeria by using Printivo.

Disclosure: Oluyomi is my friend, but I have no personal investment in the company. This is an advertorial.



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