Preview: Ade Bakare Couture’s “ADIRE MEETS MODERNITY” Summer 2014 Collection

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Londonbased Nigerian designer, Ade Bakare has just shared with us a few exclusive images from his ‘Adire meets Modernity’ Summer 2014 Collection. Adire which means “tie and dye” in the Yoruba dialect of Nigeria, features something different from Ade Bakare who is well known for his amazing evening wear line.

ade bakare4

“I became interested in this rare textile and was intrigued by the way it was made,” says Ade Bakare. “I felt it could be made in a more luxurious way which would endear it to more people and give it that international appeal”.

ade bakare3

ade bakare2

ade bakare1

ade bakare

The collection features fitted blouses with puff sleeves, sashes, flounces and bows in contrasting silks such as gazar and organza. You will also see some embellished blouses and jackets in wood but sparkled with crystals.

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