Open Letter to Phenom

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This is an open letter written to the knighthouse General, Phenom by one of his fans who has chosen to remain anonymous.


“Boy1: guy how far ? You don hear this new jam ?

Boy2: na Naija song ? I no dey interested

Boy1: oh boy, forget, this one na die, I no believe say Nigerian fit flow like this on top beat

Boy2: if e no sweet, thunder go fire you and the artiste ? Why you too like Upcoming artiste like this sef, wetin be the name and title ?

Boy1: Na Phenom o, Omo Naija, the song no be dance track but e make sense Die

Boy2: oya play the song

Boy1: (plays song)

Boy2: (after 3minutes) chai, see punchlines as them dey enter each other, Na rap be this, the kind Rap wey I dey find for Naija.. The guy no get other tracks ? Na the first song abt the popular ‘Omo Naija’ wey I go enjoy be this, others wey dey sing ‘Omo naija’ just dey bore me. I don turn him fan o.. Wetin be him handle ???

Boy1: na @kh_phenom o, na @Knighthouselive be him record label, na @deejayklem dey produce for am, @temigomez dey record am and na @Rogbathebaron get the label…..

And that is how the name of Topa Onimowo crept into my ears and memory… Just through one song, unlike many Nigerian Rappers, after this, I watched a few freestyle videos and I was surprised at what a Nigerian could spit… I took it upon myself to get familiar with this lines and rendered them at will and people exclaimed, REALLY, did you just say that ? How did you think about that ?
That’s how good Phenom is… Now to the business of the day

Dear Topa Onimowo,
This is a Concerned fan, a top fan for that matter, who would fight a boxer upon your matter if he says he doesn’t know you… Or you’re not the best rapper in Nigeria.. I have watched the rap game come of age and build in confidence and seen rappers fade out.. Of course, All Nigerian rap fanatics can say @Mi_abaga upped the Nigerian Rap scene with clinical flows and jams that remain in our hearts forever, but you came in, had one take and you had it in your hands… I remember 6ft7ft ft you off the IM2 and how M.I thought he murked the track till your verse entered, truly, M.I spat like a boss, but your verse came in, punchlines were easy to relate with immediately, and at the same time rather deep cus Nigerians couldn’t think of what it meant with just one take.
The hyped ShukuShukuBamBam dropped and I thought, this Nigga wants to kill himself going commercial, rather, you murked it, I used that shii for my ringtone for almost 6months and I felt, with this song, this nigga is made already!!!!
Murder dem prod. By Legundary beats enetered, sick tune, still phenom isn’t a household name ? Remix entered ? With KING AYO BALOGUN who whatsoever he touches turns into Gold, after 2weeks, the hype is gone another track New Bounce ? Same thing ? THE WAY with the KING again ? No push ? No Hype ? No Video ? Reminisce jumped on Ashawo ? No Hype ? No Video ? Fo Je Le with Phyno ? No Hype ? No Video ? And it just gets me thinking, what is wrong ?
Is it You that isn’t good enough for Fame and Money ?
Or is it the record Label that is dulling you ?
Or did you pen what you weren’t meant to whilst looking for a contract ?
Looking at the Nigerian Music Scene, I take Ice Prince for example, I’m a big fan of Ice prince because he knows how to Shut people up even if Lyrically, he isn’t A-List, even with that, he makes it up in his Chorus, he’s Marketable, he shoots Videos so the face is familiar…even if he isn’t half a talent as you.
Baba, if KnightHouse no dey try ? Comot for there ? Are they your family members ? People help people, but when the relationship isn’t bringing forth success, they just have to accept and let go.
I remember at fightNight when you entered, and you walked up to where ther other artistes sat, a nigga beside me said and I quote, ”who’s that Nuisance who doesn’t know that this is where Emcees are meant to be for the battle ? ” I just replied, that is Phenom and he was Surprised because he just knew the name, and not the face…
Even Lagbaja that covers his face has that as his own Identity, so when the mask is on, we already know that we looking at Lagbaja. My friend, I advice you shoot more videos and get them hyped, get them hyped a lot, you have over 15 songs and only 2 proper videos and one Viral video ? Under the 4years I’ve known you with Knighthouse ? And you want to ‘Blow’ ? Who does that ? Its not Possible ??? I can confidently tell you that you are ten times better than Yung6ix, but that Nigga is more popular and more accepted than you are because he shoots videos… And his videos and songs gets pushed a lot.. Listen, not every thing that trends on twitter is checked out, not every song that trends is Downloaded, you are not Wizkid, who can decide to drop a link and sleep knowing full well that if he wakes in 10minutes, he’d have over 1million downloads without even hyping it ? Why because Himself, his Record Label and his Manager have done their homework and it has paid off.
I laugh when I see people talk about Skales being stagnant, staying under the same Record Label with Wizkid and not achieving the same feat as star boy. The truth is he can’t use Wizkid as a Benchmark for Success because you only have thay type of Talent once in a Generation.. Even at that, to be honest with ourselves, Skales is a bigger name, with Bigger Success stories than Phenom ? Why ? Because they have the right resources and have done their bit to make him successful as an artiste.. Has Knighthouse done same for you ? I really don’t know and If they have, its just not enough.
Some weeks back, I almost cried when you munched IcePrince Zamani’s tweet about your song with Wizkid and put on your DP. It was quite painful because verily verily I say unto thee, you have completely under-rated yourself. That is some shii an upcoming artiste should do and gain more ground amongst his fellow upcoming artistes. For Christ Sake, you’re a Nokia Ambassador, if the winner of Don’t Break Da Beat can walk away with 3.2million Naira, I wonder what the Ambassadors would walk away with ? Where is this money going to ? I still see you walk around inside Unilag ? Can’t your Record Label Afford a Ride ? Ok ? They can’t shoot videos for you then they should be able to afford a car you can call your own…
Furthermore, it has been 4years now that I’ve known you with Knighthouse, the highest you’ve dropped is an EP which you released for free? I’m not against it because Nigerians like free things but if after 4years its only an EP that you can drop then brother its either you quit Music or you find a better Record label that is serious with Music and their own money making business.
I should go on and on, stating things but I should stop here with this, PatoRanking is under Timaya, under 6months, see what he has achieved ? Nigga is already known with his 2 songs and 2 videos, owns a house in Lekki, drives a 2014 Range Rover, yet you have better songs… Even if Skales seems Stagnant, if you don’t find a better deal or Knighthouse Ups their game, you’d still not be at Half the level that he is.
You can become that superstar that you want to be, drive the best of cars, get that fat bank account, and live large and still dish out good songs ? You need to Repackage yourself, and get a good deal, Nigerians won’t spend their money on people they don’t know, people they don’t recognise, yes you get the mentions about been the best, those same people would pick an Ice prince show over yours. Its high time your Management realises that you’re not moving, and they need to do something about it or you terminate your contract and move to a better place.
I remain your Number one fan, and more metaphors to your blackhead. God bless you

Your Number one Fan”



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  1. To be honest, I expected a more intelligent analysis. What the heck is this? No mention of how commercial and boring his mixtape is?

  2. Painful shii. Dude should either step up or quit music for real. For me, its Ice Prince over Phenom truly, ’cause I see Ice Prince’s face and feel his swags through his videos, despite I know Phenom is way better. *sigh* Poster has said enough. I hope Phenom reads this and have a rethink. Bless!

  3. Phenom is a good rapper but I won’t rate him as greatest rapper or none of that shit… He only punchlines, most of the time the song has no direction. Take for example “omo naija” noffin on dt song relates u to being nigerian except from d hook. Even modenine who’s the best out of nigeria relates evry punchline to d topic. I also heard he takes credit for refurbishing lines that other upcoming arts he has as frnds alrdy spit. I saw some little drama on twitter bout some rkelly line on his song with wizkid that wasn’t his. So I guess if u don’t blow off that, its karma. How come I feel phenom knows about this open letter? Yo! Just nut up and talk to ur label urself… Grow some balls in that empty sack. I wish u the best, plus I see u in unilag looking all shabby, rough n hungry. Work on that too… I’m out

  4. Who knows what it takes to build a record label? who knows how much a record label spends on their artist? who knows what it takes to mould an artist to perfection? who knows how much it takes to shoot the cheapest video? WHO KNOWS HOW IT FEELS TO BRING SOMEONE FROM NOWHERE AND TURN THEM INTO A SUPERSTAR AND THEN WHEN THEY BLOW THEY FORGET YOU? wHO IN Gods name knows the guy that wrote this? anybody ?? if you do, please tell him to build a record label, sign Phenom,Not take him as an artist but Make him his brother, Push him into an industry that is not yet ready for another rapper until he has perfect songs that can hit the clubs. IF NOT , he should just keep quiet and keep on listening to Phenom.

  5. @ tela, dude u read my mind, I was just having a debate with a friend about omo naija, a very good song no doubt, but nothing there touches the topic. He was just throwing punchlines after punchlines in the 3 verses, nothing excerpt the chorus made us know dude was refering to the title of the song. Jesus, Nigerian rappers should all up their lyricism. Rap isn’t all about punchlines,its about content, a message, u communicating and of cuz some times bragging. Check out songs like kanye home coming, eminem loose ur self, pac dear mama. Those are rap songs with no or very little punch lines. Phenom I love u, its tru u r faaaar better than yung what eva and ice prince, but dude rap means rhythm and poetry no t rhythm and punchlines.

  6. No Matter what u all say…Phenom is making me happy…his Ep was d Bomb…He as more swagg…n is d B.R.A…buh his in is final yr….is in skul…a law student 4 dah matter…let him finish….i promise u all let him finish…hmmm…..naija wunt hear word….lasgidi wunt hear word….weda dozage or knight house….is going 2 prove yhu all wrong….dis letter will only encourage him i swr….if u r a true fan u wunt say shit…i wuld av hated him cuz he snob me outside b4 n he didnt ff me bak on twitter….buh no i didnt…its bin matured…he as car for ur info…n cuz of phenom i cam 2 unilag to skul frm abj…..can u bet dat….i alone beat a thousand fake fans…Brahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…go watch turn by turn lace ft. phenom….n anticipate phenom amen video….phenom is d best rapper in naija buh skul holds im down…

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