OneCard introduces a Single Recharge Card for All Mobile Networks in Nigeria

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Nigerian phone users now have a new recharge card called ONECARD that can recharge any phone line of all the major networks in Nigeria.

At the unveiling ceremony of this powerful recharge card which is meant to give phone users more freedom when recharging, many Nigerians were marveled beyond their wildest imaginations as they used OneCard to recharge their different phone lines without stress.

OneCard which is the brand name of this new recharge card lived up to its name yesterday, as the ONLY card that recharges all networks. Various Phone users from the different  networks tested and recharged their phones with OneCard and were all amazed to see their phones immediately credited with airtime after dialing *979*(SPID)* PIN #.

As a sharp babe who is never left behind, I had to experience it firsthand, to recharge my phone, I simply selected my unique Service Provider Identification number (SPID) from the listed mobile network numbers behind the OneCard recharge card and dialed *979*(SPID)* PIN # and voila my phone was credited immediately!

The OneCard officials at the unveiling stated that OneCard recharge card comes in different denominations of N100, N200, N400, N500, N750,N1000 and N1500. They also stated that phone users can ask for OneCard from any recharge card vendor, anytime, anywhere in Nigeria.

OneCard is the latest telecom innovation company   in town creating so much buzz, who knows what next they might have up their sleeves for the Nigerian market, maybe we might be recharging our phones from the airwaves. Well, only time would tell.




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  1. Hello hope Nigeria tellcomication support this your idea of one card to all networks show me the prove, so that I can know thank u.

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