Not Letting Go: Fathia Balogun Denies Divorce Stories – “I’m Still Married To Saheed Balogun”

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Actress Fathia Balogun has dismissed stories that she is divorced from hubby Saheed Balogun, and maintains that even though the couple is separated, they are very much married.

Saheed had said in a previous statement that the couple had been legally divorced, and that he had no issues with her using the name.

“Since we were legally married in court, we had to legally divorce in court to finalize the issue. The public is welcome to go to the Lagos High Court to verify these records. This has absolutely nothing to do with any name! I am not asking or forcing Fathia to stop using the name Balogun, as it is one of the most common Yoruba names.”

Fathia Balogun, in a recent chat with Channels TV, cleared the air about the relationship, saying doesn’t intend to drop the Balogun surname anytime soon.

“Well I’m still Mrs. Balogun, only that I put Williams, my maiden name, before it. I’m not divorced. I’m just separated. There have been news everywhere that we’re in court, that’s a lie; I’m not in court,” she said.

When asked if there was a chance the couple could reconcile, she said “well, everything lies with God, but right now, I’m not even thinking about it. I just want to let it go.”



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