RED LIGHT!!! No Deal For LeBron James To Star In a SPACE JAM 2 After All

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Back in 2012 basketball player LeBron James revealed his interest to star in a Space Jam sequel during a Q&A session on Twitter and while that got a lot of media coverage back then, the media hype died down without anything coming of it.

Fast forward to present day when Deadline has put out some more information concerning this project and it’s that Warner Bros. will move on with the sequel and would like to cast LeBron James in it. After much fanfare,  it seems that News might not carry much weight after all as NBA writer for ESPN, Brian Windhorst, has revealed via his twitter page that sources of the LeBron have refuted this News and come out to say that LeBron is currently not working on Space Jam 2 nor any other project for Warner Bros.

Space Jam was actually a great family movie which performed well at the box office which is why some people might want to see a sequel however should this movie ever be made, would LeBron be a good replacement for Michael Jordan who took on the lead role in the original 1996 movie?

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