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The Claw

Description; Standing, the girl facing the boy and wrapping her legs around his torso. The boy’s hands is beneath the girl’s butt, lifts her up and down while he thrusts into her.

Why it is so hot; it works best for independent women who like to be dominated once in a while because you see, the man is in charge here and whats more? The woman does not have to do a thing.

Coolest part: the claw is more fun when you have enough lube, so go ahead, get lubricated and enjoy the do!


The Scream Machine

Description; the girl lies on her back with her legs over her man’s shoulders. He leans forward with his chest resting on the backs of the woman’s thighs and plunges in and out of her.

Why it is so hot; It allows for deeper penetration and leads to the most intense orgasms.

Coolest part; You can use strawberries, whipped cream and champagne for foreplay, it is unbelievably efficient.


The Missionary

Description; the good old missionary na, need I describe? Okay I would. The woman lies flat on her back and the man hits it from the top.

Why it is so hot; you both can have an intense connection while you make love because you can stare in each other’s eyes while you do it. And you can also spice it up as the woman, by grabbing his butt and drawing him deeply as much as you can, making him feel you up while you tell him how he is doing it right.

Coolest part; unlike the others listed, you can totally do this outside where you can get fresh air while at it.




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