Mostwanted Releases His Brand New EP on Spinlet

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Vegas record and the Rose From The Concrete rapper Mostwanted has just released his 15 track mixtape titled “Mostwanted Mudiaga Mustardseed: The Mixtape” He got some of the best underground cats on it, he also got some big names like legendary reggae singer Rymzo and Nigerian-born South Africa based singer Gidi boi. The rapper told us the mix tape are some of the best songs he has recorded over the years and it’s packed full with creative, inspirational, reasonable and spirit lifting songs that will get you on the mood. It is available for sales on-line at and he also said he hope to hit locations for the video of his current single Welcome to Lagos, as talks is still on between his company and the Lagos State government for the project endorsement. Check the track list and hope you enjoy the mix tape when finally available on-line.
PRODUCERS – Rymzo, Kul Jay, Trice, Elmac, Teemac, Kolon, Spurz.

1, In the beginning                                 genres =/Intro
2  Alone ft- jeff diamondz                   genres =/ hiphop /rap
3  Plow my mind ft -Oxca fuze           genres =/hiphop/ techno
4  Party day ft- Yor Might                     genres =/pop /dance
5  Only jesus can save ft-kul jay ,      genres =/ Gospel /dance /pop
6  Thy will be done ft-Rymzo             genres =/  gospel /Reggae/Rap
7  Sikemwen f -Kul Jay                         genres =/ pop /dance/afro
8 Keep ur head up ft-Remi prexy    genres =/Soul/hard core /Rap
9 Eledumare (God)                               genres= gospel/tradition/dance/afro/hihop
10 Oshere ft -Lyn Brown                    genres=/hiphop/rap/afro/pop
11 Welcome to Lagos                          genres =/dancehall/rap/hiphop
12 Sikemwen Remix ft – Gidi Boi   genres/ hiphop/rap/ dance/pop
13 My heart beat ft – Ejemai            genres=/ dancehall/rap/ Hiphop
14 Baba Uwese ft Spurz                     genres=/ Gospel/tradiction/afro
15 Oneday ft Oxca fuze and Elmac  genres=/ afro/pop/rap/hard core
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