Miley Cyrus Kicks Off Bangerz Tour With Shocking Outfits [PHOTOS]

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Miley Cyrus opened her highly-anticipated Bangerz Tour in Canada on Friday in typical Miley fashion.

Embracing her Valentine’s Day opener, Cyrus, 21, started the show by sliding down a giant version of her own tongue in a red bedazzled two piece, with high thigh slits, a white Chanel fanny pack, and a white and red feather boa.

The former Disney star showed off her now-infamous backside, twerking throughout the night along with her signature dancers, whom she groped and slapped numerous times.

At one point she climbed atop a gold car while wearing white cowboy boots and a pot leaf-covered one piece that ended in a tiny thong, grinding on the vehicle and spreading her legs open to the audience.

She even appeared to be pleasuring herself in one image as the Parental Advisory Explicit Content logo flashed on the giant screen behind her.

Check out photos below.

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