Irony: Three Brothers Butcher & Eat Their Mother Because She Was Possessed

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Three brothers in the Philippines have been arrested for killing their mother and eating her because they thought she was possessed by evil spirits.

NY Daily News reports that Dante Amil, 35, and his younger siblings Paroy, 21, and Ibrahim, 18, allegedly tortured and butchered Musala Amil, 56, at their home in Ampatuan over several days.

They are accused of feasting over her body “like wild animals” as they drained her body of its blood and devoured parts of her corpse raw.

Neighbors reportedly heard screams, cries and laughter coming from the property for several days, reports

But they told cops they were “too scared” to do anything about the horrific sounds.

Police were eventually called Friday.

They found the mom’s badly mutilated body, with several organs missing.

The brothers, who deny they were trying to cannibalize their mother, say they were trying to cure her of an illness brought on by a bad spirit.

Officers are now investigating whether the family has a history of mental illness.

Ampatuan Senior Inspector Ronald De Leon said all three suspects, who were arrested and are currently in custody, will be tested for drugs.



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