Introducing Exquisito Cakes and the Creative woman behind the brand.

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Exquisito Cakes is a bakery located on Awolowo Road, Bodija a distinct neighbourhood in the city of Ibadan.

A cheerful pink and yellow coloured building, typical of Abuja or Lagos; it is very hard to miss. Exquisito Cakes offers a wide variety of cakes and confectioneries from various types of bread, to cup cakes to birthday cakes to wedding cakes and other sweets. The happy go lucky always cheerful and pleasant Adeola Layade is the CEO of Exquisito Cakes.

Adeola is a major player and a force to be reckoned with in the bakery world. A lot of cake makers in Ibadan were trained under her and are doing well running their own businesses. Exquisito Cakes specializes in training in bread baking and organized the first ever major bread Fair in the city of Ibadan.

With a strong presence in social media, Adeola has used it as a platform to interact with clients and to provide information and updates on the art of baking, on going promos as well as attract potential clients via instagram, facebook and twitter. Exquisito Cakes can be accessed on Instagram @exquisitoconf; at twitter on equisitoconf and on

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