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Hey guys, welcome to Insta-Style-Review. A weekly review of the outfits, fashionistas post on Instagram through the week (Sunday to Saturday). This week we have more good than bad. A huge thank you to all those who added#360NobsStyle to their captions. Starting off this week’s countdown is:

7)Osas Ighodaro: I promise you that this outfit looks way better than this picture makes it seem. This is just one of those pictures where the angle and the pose make the outfit look bad. I hope eventually she puts up pictures of this outfit from better angles. I definitely hope she is wearing shoes in the new pictures too. Instagram: OfficialOsas

osas ighodaro

6)Style Caramel: Picture this:- You are walking on the road and then you see this girl with a really pretty face, then you see her outfit, or rather you see her black round/flat belly completely out, because the crop top just doesnt fit and of course she paired it with the tightest shorts available.P.S: She is not even at the beach, probably just chilling at the mall.

Nigerian girls, Naija babes, Naij babes this is how to wear a crop top oh!!!. One of the many ways to actually. Not with your entire belly out to the world. I would put up a post soon on different ways to wear a cropped top without looking like a h0, ho, ho.

I love your outfit ‘stylecaramel’. From the shoes, to the ripped jeans,and that cropped top. Perfection. Instagram: StyleCaramel

style caramel....1


5)Chisom Ojekwe: People keep thinking been stylish means making preppy, classy, or sheik style choices. Style has no restriction people. Chisom Ojekwe is our stylish Girl from da block.

First off, that hairrrr. Obviously not just any one can pull off that type of hair. I mostly love the fact that she isn’t wearing a weave. Her lip color is absolutely on trend right now. She is wearing a skirt to show she can still be flirty, but it isn’t too short, because she is our Girl from da block.  Instagram: Badguynay_

chisom ojekwe badguynay_

4)Fade Ogunro: The monochrome queen. Any addition to this outfit would have ruined it, I am glad she knew exactly when to stop. The shoes and the neck piece are the highlights of this outfit for me. She looks pretty good. Instagram: FadeOgunro

fade ogunro

3)Omoyele Ogundipe: First off this outfit reminds me of myself…lol . From the sunglasses to the hair, the shirt, the pencil skirt, and those beautiful blue earrings. I would totally rock this outfit. It was well put together. Instagram: Omoyele_o


omoyele ogundipe omoyele_o

2)Heyaura_ : I love this look. This outfit shows us that there is beauty in simplicity. So creative and well put together. I think she looks amazing. Instagram: Heyaura_

irede heyaura_

1)Tobi Ogundipe: Drumroll please!!!!!!!

Our number fashionista for this week is blogger and stylist Tobi Ogundipe. Another style misconception is that thick/curvy women cannot be stylish. Wrong!!!!

I am also thrilled by the fact that she is showing us how to rock one piece in four different ways. I am honestly not in love with the first look, I have never thought white shoes look great with stockings, but every other outfit I love. The second one is my favorite. Which of her looks is your favorite? Instagram: Tobs_ogundipe

tobi ogundipe

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Stay fashionable fashionistas.



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