Hey Guys, One of these awesome cakes could be yours…with love from @tomilola_coco

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Hello guys, the love is really raining down this season…seems cupid has more arrows to shoot or maybe he just got a semi-automatic bow to shoot his love arrows. hehehe.

I have decided to give you guys something special for following me through my blog series and being such a bunch of supportive friends. *big hugssss*

i want to give out some really awesome and yummy cakes this weekend.

How to win: Answer the questions below in the comment box, with your name and email.

The best/most interesting response will be selected. there will be prices for other people too.



1. What Cider drinks do you know?

2. What do you think of the Snapp Drink?

3. Do you think Snapp, Smirnoff ice, Gordons Spark are drinks for females?

4. Where, when, and how do you like to drink Snapp.



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  1. 1. Snapp

    2. ladylike, prefer the bottle package to the can

    3. Snapp, Smirnoff ice, Gordons Spark are drinks for females? Nah, just Snapp and Smirnoff ice.

    4. Where- outdoors, when- social gathering, and how do you like to drink Snapp with some ice and a little bit of lemon in it.

  2. 1)Snapp
    2)Purely ladies drink
    3)Not @ all!Me thinks itz Smirnoff ice$snapp.
    4)Outdoors ,in Social Gatherings. How I like my drink-very chilled with a drop or two of Lemon in it.

  3. 1.Snapp, safari
    2.Love how it looks like champagne in thr right flutes, the bubbles and its sweet taste *i hv a sweet tooth*
    3.No. Although I know its predominantly drunk by females.
    4. Where- at a lounge or in my parlor When- after a long work week to celebrate the weekend or whilst getting a pedicure, in sweats and gisting with my girls during girls day in, how- plain with asun or peppersoup!

  4. 1. Snapp
    2. I think snapp fulfils the purpose it serves. I really like the taste and I enjoy drinking it. Also, i love the colour and design on the bottles and cans.
    3. I think snapp and smirnoff ice are suitable for ladies because of the alcohol level and the taste.
    4. Where- definitely at a lounge. When- with my friends, anytime we are out and enjoying ourselves. How- I enjoy it cold with anything peppered because there is this indescribable taste produced by the mixture of snapp and anything peppered. Peppered meat, snail etc

  5. 1.snapp
    2.sweet mild alcoholic drink
    3.kinda cos of its taste n level of alcoholic content,i dont tink gordon is ladylike
    4.where- anywhere, anytime am chilling,weekends preferably. how- served very chilled

  6. 1.Snapp
    2.Snapp is a unique drink with its refreshing taste and very attractive, rocky bottle. You just want to pick it up and drink.
    3.Snapp, smirnoff ice and gordon spark are not female drinks, its for everyone (18+) but more appealing to the female customers due to its sweetness and alcohol level.
    4.Where: at home, bars, and lounge with friends and family (18+).
    When: for relaxation and fun to cool off the day’s stress.
    How: I love my snapp cold and chilled, there is this soothing releif that comes with it. Absolutely refreshing.

  7. 1. Snap
    2. Love the Taste and its level of alcohol.
    3. They re all female drinks but we love snap and smirn off MORE.
    4. At home after a very stressful day. And weekends wen am with my friends and at parties.

  8. Cider- nonalcoholic fresh apple drink.
    1. Fayrouz, Lacasera
    2. Snapp drink has a very cute bottle and the fact that the drink is transparent makes it more appealing to the eyes. It also has this “not too sweet” taste that makes you want more.
    3. Those drinks are for anyone(male or female). Females love them ‘cos of the “sweet” taste and more appealing bottles.
    4. At an evening outing/party with friends or Le Boo, in a glass with cubes of ice.

  9. 1) Snapp,
    2) I think its ok… I love the fruity taste to it
    3) Yes because its has a low alcoholic content and the branding seems to have a feminine appeal
    4) With friends during hangouts ie beach party

  10. 1.lacasera, fayrouzfayrouz
    2.snap drink is attractive…. The bottle and we he transparent liquid makes one eager or curious to taste it.its taste is superb as the apple flavor makes it sweet and smooth for one to drink. Snapp ice cold is refreshing
    3. For both male and female but a lot of females prefer taking taking them because of their low alcohol level
    4.in a party,with friends @ home etc

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