Happy Birthday Kelly Rowland

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Today is Kelly Rowland’s 33rd birthday, so we decided to dig up one of our favorite red carpet looks from her.

Drumroll please!!!!!!! Her outfit to the 2013 Grammy awards. She is wearing a dress from Georges Chakra’s Couture Collection.

krrrrAsides from the fact that this dress is perfect on her. Another reason we picked it out is because, in December 2013 one of our very own celebrities wore a remake of this dress to the Music Meets Runway Show. We present to you, Gina.

gina kelly rowland imitation

I could add the usual ‘Who wore it better?’ but that would just be a huge waste of time, because  Kelly Rowland obviously slayed this look.

For this poor attempt, Gina should always be spelt with a small letter ‘g’. From that ugly bra, to the cheap fabric and her horrific hair and make-up. She looks like the queen of the coast.

The cuts are properly placed but every other thing is wrong.


In conclusion, Happy birthday Kelly, and even though your music career might not be as fabulous as queen Bey’s, know you stay slaying all these bitches  fashion wise of course.

Happy Birthday Kelly, Stay Slaying.



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