HAIRFORMATION – Helpful Tips for Weave Newbies!!!

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Hair extensions are commonly used by women all around the world. Here are four (4) helpful tips for women who are considering trying out weaves.


Invest in quality hair extensions; virgin hair is the most ideal hair. Although it’s sold at a higher price, it has a longer life span. Always buy virgin hair that comes in a natural colour (1B or 2). This way you certain you are getting real quality weave. If you decide to dye it afterwards, that’s entirely okay and up to you.

Although synthetic hair costs a lot less and can achieve almost any hairstyle, it has a shorter life span and cannot withstand extreme heat, dyes or chemicals unlike virgin hair.

NOTE: Virgin hair comes from a single donor/person. It has not been permed, dyed, coloured, bleached or chemically processed in any way




Quality weaves have several variations, starting from Indian virgin hair, to Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Chinese, to Russian virgin hair.  Each has its own unique characteristics; it all comes down to the look you want.

  • Indian Hair: Thick but not heavy, wavy and full. It’s a great choice if you want the option to have your weave wavy, you can also achieve a straight look with this weave.
  • Brazilian Hair: Thicker than Indian virgin hair and doesn’t require as much bundles to get a full look. It also comes in several forms straight, wavy, or curly. Most people prefer its wavy and curly weave forms. It’s also the most sought out texture in the market.
  • Peruvian Hair: It’s extremely soft and feather light (5 bundles in and it still feels light). It’s the ultimate multi-purpose hair. Like Brazilian hair it comes in straight, wavy or curly; most people prefer its straight and wavy form.
  • Malaysian Hair: Soft and silk curls; softer and silkier than Indian hair. No product is needed to maintain the curls. They naturally loosen/drop and last the entire day.
  • Chinese and European Hair: Sleeker and straighter than Brazilian/Peruvian hair. Very perfect for a fine, sleek look.

NOTE: The above-mentioned weave types all blend very well with BLACK hair.



The quantity of hair to buy depends on the length of your hair extensions. Naturally, longer hair extensions are thinner than shorter ones. So if you are going for a shorter style i.e. 12” – 26” we suggest you buy 2-3 bundles of hair. But if you are going for a longer length i.e. 28” and above, 3-5 bundles of hair is ideal.




A lot of hair comes with chemicals already added to it. It’s advisable to avoid these products getting into your natural hair.

  • Use Hairven Mositurize and Soften Shampoo to rid your weave of all those unwanted chemicals.
  • Then, use Hairven Moisturize and Soften Conditioner to give a permanent conditioning effect on the weave. Allow it to deep condition for 15-20mins before rinsing off.
  • Blow or air dry hair.

Your weave is chemical-free and ready for fixing.


Beauty by Hairven

Beauty by Hairven

We know that the beauty of a woman lies in her hair and as such HAIRVEN is dedicated to building the pride and confidence of every woman through the development of quality hair care products that are affordable and carefully designed to bring out individuality and natural beauty. HAIRVEN is a company that specializes in the manufacture, wholesale and distribution of Hair care products, our introductory Weave Care Range includes a Silk Protein Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangling Leave in Conditioner with wheat extracts to ensure sufficient moisturising, revitalising and rejuvenating of your weaves and wigs. The Silky Serum contains Meadow Foam seed oil which leaves your hair looking lustrous and glamorous. Consistent use of these products and your weaves will never be the same again. Say NO today to Dry, Tangled and Frizzy Weaves.


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