Freeze Of Cool FM: A Truly Frozen Head

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I have seen this person in many occasions, the first being Mode men’s Black tie award Dinner at the Eko Hotel some years ago. Ever since, I have been bumping on him at various events and have continually marveled at his looks and carriage. He comes across as a plaid but yet sophisticated person. I hear he is a Radio presenter or a disc jockey, even though his carriage does not really represent his industry. He could easily pass for an Investment banker or an Insurance broker rather than someone in the entertainment industry and here lays his confusion.

I suspect that deep inside of him, he knows he is a fish out of water, hence the continued attempt at relevance. For some time now, I have been seeing all sort of ‘celebrities’ going on Instagram and the blogs to ‘pose’ with their recent acquisitions. P-square are the champions in this.  I have seen all sort, from houses to toilet bowls and even baby napkins really funny.

But this Freeze own tire me. First he poses in front of some cheap cars with customize plates, holding one tired looking walking sticks and is talking about the wristwatches he just acquired from Polo. He spoke so eloquently about his wristwatch collections and did not stop at that and even went as far as yabbing others who walked around with fake Rolex wristwatches.

Now, as I read I begin to look closer at the picture and I am amazed at what I see. A gentleman is well rounded. Everything has to be top notch. You will not borrow money and buy wristwatch that you will pay over 24months and be driving tokunbo cars. Kai, that Camry and Range look like they have seen better days. How can you afford all of those watches and drive tokunbo cars. I suppose he was standing in front of his house.  That is another matter. That house looked like the house that was used in that old comedy, Sura the Tailor.

This is the problem with our so called celebrities. Their priorities are really wrong. If it is true that he has all those expensive wristwatches, then why live in that kind of house. Is he thinking of the next 10 years, when sharper and younger people will take up his job. Will the wristwatches cover for his pension and retirement? I think he urgently needs a financial adviser. (I recommend myself)

The guy fine so I won’t yab him too much, but then what I sense hear is a poor attempt by Freeze to ‘belong’.  Everybody is doing it, let me too do it and that is sad. He should be thinking of building his own radio Station or entertainment empire and not exposing himself to this kind of ridicule.

I suspect that if I ask my friend Jennifer-the delectable Director at Polo if he has been to that office the answer will be NO.  So Freeze should spare us these kinds of story in the future jo and face what he knows doing best, which is to just stand and look good.


Edgar J

Edgar J

An Investment banker with a chip on his shoulder. A deep thinker with a different view of the society. Blogger and theatre critic, Edgar passes social commentary on Events, issues and people usually from a humorous standpoint. Sometimes caustic and almost fearless, he mixes his vitriolic abuses with humour such that the message hits you with a buffer that makes you smile. He runs a regular column in MODEMEN Magazine while still keeping his day job as a Financial Adviser cum wealth manager. A keen sportsman, Edgar loves the exciting game of train spotting. As there are no more trains in Lagos, he has taken upon the keen sport of Molue counting. He believes that in the next five years, these legendary modes of transport unique to Lagos would disappear hence his interest in them. A Lagosian by birth and a Shomolu man by residence. Welcome to Chantal’s....


  1. i love this write up…its the effing truth…dont be scared cuz i know freeze and his egocentric attitude will come after you. He is a half empty barrel…he’ll make noise but not too much. *winks Much love Edgar J

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