Egyptian Army Claims Cure To AIDS & Hepatitis C

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The Egyptian Army has reportedly come up with permanent cures for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.

The chief of its medical division, Gen. Dr. Ibrahim Abdel-Atti said at a press conference on Sunday, “We defeated AIDS, and rest assured, we defeated AIDS. I conquered AIDS with the blessings of my Lord, glory to him, with a rate of 100%.”

Abdel-Atti said his method of curing AIDS involved breaking down the virus into amino acids, so that it became beneficial for the body, instead of detrimental.

“I take the disease, and I give it to him as food, and this is the top of scientific miracles.”

“And I conquered the ‘C,’” Abdel-Atti added, referring to the Hepatitis C.

“You will never find a patient suffering from the Hepatitis C virus after today, God willing!”

The device used, called the Complete Cure Device, filters the patient’s blood in a manner similar to dialysis.

The international scientific community is somewhat skeptical about the development, and is demanding more proof.



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