Drunk In Love: Sean Penn & Charlize Theron Caught Making Out In Traffic [PHOTO]

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It takes love to bring out the softie in a man, and Sean Penn is obviously full of love for Charlize Theron.

The reputedly gruff actor has been showing his softer side lately when it comes to his new girlfriend and her 3-year-old son Jackson.

On Sunday, the 53-year-old actor was all smiles during an outing with Theron, 38, and Jackson at the Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark, Calif. Penn could be seen with his arms wrapped around Theron, nuzzling her neck, and playing the doting dad to Jackson, whom Theron adopted as a single mom.

Two days earlier, the new couple also engaged in a serious public display of affection.

This time, the South African beauty was seen cupping Penn’s face during a passionate kiss in the front seat of her car.

A source told E! News that the pair, stopped at a traffic light, “made out the entire time.”

True love is so sweet! All the best to Penn and Theron!

Check the lovebirds out below.

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