Crucio! Boy Stabs Girl In The Face, Smashes Another Girl’s Head Into A Fence After They Said He Looks Like Harry Potter

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A teenager who had been frequently bullied with Harry Potter taunts finally lost it as he stabbed a girl and and smashed another’s head into a fence.

Mail Online reports that Ryan Walker, 19, wears glasses and has short dark hair, just like actor Daniel Radcliffe who plays the young wizard in the hit film series.

A court heard how after two girls called Walker Harry Potter, he snapped, stabbing one of them in the face so hard that the blade of his vegetable knife broke.

Walker then pushed the other girl’s head into a nearby fence and shouted: ‘Die, die’.

He claimed he launched the ferocious attacks in Southampton, Hampshire, after being goaded repeatedly by the girls who called him Potter.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Walker returned to his family flat after shopping for his mother and he had to pass 15-year-old Emma Keeble and 16-year-old Leah Pearce sitting on the stairs.

One of the girls touched his shopping bag before verbally abusing him and telling him he resembled Harry Potter.

Outraged Walker saw red, rushed to his flat before coming back downstairs with a milk bottle full of water and threw it over the girls.

He then went back into the flat and re-emerged with a vegetable knife before walking to a local park – knowing the girls would follow him.



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  1. I think there must be a lot more. When you stab someone in the face such a way is because you are quite mad or you are feeling very very humiliated, ill-treated. Criminal minds rarely stab their victims in the face, it´s highly significant of a very personal hate standing in between, and not like a one-hit wonder.
    If what the boy claims about being bullied is true, I don’t think he deserves four and a half years. But you know…, that’s what lawyers live off.
    And, in view of the offspring… you may guess a bit about the mother. I’d say she probably wants just revenge.

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