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Hey guys, Valentine is here again and even though we share love al through the year, we like to do special things for our special one on the 14th of February. Here are romantic date ideas for lovers who are trying to make that day one to remember.

Do something ordinary, like going to the beach- take a stroll down a local beach (Yes could be Elegushi or Oniru if you like sef, Bar Beach) and talk about everything and anything. Build castles in the sand, throw sand at each other, run around, play games and have plenty of laughter. It would help you guys connect on a whole new level, the way a date to the movies or someplace formal might not let you.

Visit a botanical garden, or a quiet place reserved for couples or individuals who are trying to be alone with their thoughts- this would allow you to reflect on many things, including your relationship and your kids (if you have any). Even love making after this or during(depending on the accommodation provided at the place) would be different. Sometimes getting away from the noise and chaos into somewhere peaceful and quiet is the key.

Karaoke Bar- this can allow you bond more while you sing your favourite songs in whatever key you choose. It would allow you laugh and create amazing memories for you later on. This isn’t a concert and you aren’t Beyonce or Taylor Swift so you don’t have to worry about hitting the right notes which makes it more fun!

Comedy Club- go anywhere there is a comedy show going on and simply laugh till your stomach aches with your loved one. I mean it is what we all love and want to do yeah? Laughing with our partners. Nothing beats that feeling!

Do something new and different together- like signing up for a dance class (it could be only that day just enjoy the moment together), seeing a play (Thank God for Terra culture and its revival of Nigeria’s arts theatre) or doing something totally random you both would normally not do.

End the night with a favorite movie- something you both love and that brings memories!

Happy Valentine’s day people. Spread, share and enjoy the love.



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