Brothers Butcher Mom And Ate Her Organs Raw

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Three brothers in Ampatuan, Philippines butchered their mother before eating her organs in a ritual killing, police have said.

Neighbours reported hearing strange noises coming from the family home for days before the body of Musala Amil, 56, was found in Ampatuan, Philippines.

Police discovered the badly mutilated body with several parts missing, drained of blood. Brothers Dante, 35, Paroy, 21, and the youngest Ibrahim, 18, all deny killing their mother though. They said they had been trying to drive away an illness they believed was brought on by a bad spirit.

Officials investigating events leading to the gory discovery said the ritual killing happened last Wednesday. Community leaders said the three men killed their mother and feasted on parts of her body as if they were wild animals.

The village drew notoriety for the 2009 massacre of 58 people.



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