Angry Crowd Forces Two Gay Men To Have Sex In Port-Harcourt

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A mob in Port-Harcourt dragged out two men and made them masturbate and have sex with each other in front of a crowd.

The vigilantes are heard jeering in a video recording of the event as a large crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the men’s humiliation.

According to reports, a crowd gathered, forced them to leave the house and made them ‘re-enact’ the ‘homosexual acts’ they allegedly were carrying out in private.

Scenarios like this have become common ever since the government passed the anti-gay bill, with mobs taking justice into their hands rather than take the alleged criminals to the police.




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  1. The individuals in the mob are bigger perverts then the alleged gay guys….. Guess this is exactly what the UN and American government forsaw hence the call for Nigeria to hold the jail the gays bill (albeit they could have found more deplomatic ways to get the nigerian parliament and GEJ to change their minds instead of using threats which I assume just pissed off Jonathan)…… We have more important problems that need immediate attention including the growing security concerns in northern nigeria that passing that bill seemed irrelevant and uncalled for mainly cos it will just cause an increase in corruption (people are getting fined with no proof of actual homosexual behaviour… fact now, one can just report a neighbor he is beefing even if the poor guy isn’t gay), violence and the so called “jungle justice” (which goes against a whole lot of human rights laws) since now we seem to be threading towards a re-inactment of the 1960’s “stonewall riot” of Manhattan newyork.

  2. you can’t call someone a criminal because the person is gay. homosexuality isn’t a criminal act or offence no matter how much jonathan and his fellow politicians want it to look like an offence.

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