Angel On Earth: Woman Gives N2.5m Tip To 3 Waitresses After Overhearing Them Talk About Financial Troubles

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A woman in an Illinois restaurant let a tip of $15,000 for 3 waitresses after she heard them talk of their financial troubles.

“This very nice lady walked in today at the restaurant and gave $5,000 to each of my waitresses,” the Boone County Family Restaurant in Caledonioa, Ill., posted on its Facebook page. “What a nice lady.”

Waitresses Amay Sabani, 25, Sarah Seckinger, 23 and Amber Kariolich, 28, were working Saturday morning, organizing silverware and talking about student loans, bills and dreams of finishing school when the blonde-haired woman asked for their names and began writing something down, according to WIFR and the Rockford Register Star. The restaurant said via Facebook that it would not identify the woman.

When Sabani saw the amount on the check and tried to return it, the woman refused to take it back. “I want you girls to take these to help with school and everything else in life,” the Register Star reports the woman said to the objecting waitresses. “Yes, you can take it,” the news organization reports the woman said. “You put that in your pocket. God sent me here to help you.” Sabani said the money would provide opportunities for her.

“I work two jobs and I have a little boy at home, so maybe spend more time with him and do more things with him and just get ahead of myself,” she told WIFR. “I hope that one day I have the amount to do the same thing to somebody else.”



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