Amazing: Man Sets New Flappy Bird High Score With 999! [VIDEO]

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A video has surfaced of a man setting a new Flappy Bird record.

Recorded by a friend, the video starts showing the player at level 940, and follows his progress up to 999.

The pipes which are normally immobile move and in are so many different shapes, and even begin to sprout fish-eating flowers.

Then end comes at level 999 though, where he meets a fireball-shooting Mario.

The similarities to Nintendo’s Mario have projected doubts that it might be an edited video, and there’s also the fact that he barely even touches the screen.

Real or not? Decide yourself!



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  1. This video is just an animation made by a channel on youtube known for visual effects. But it did inspired us to create our game, Soaring Ninja on Google Play, which has similar game play. Check out our gameplay video here:

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