360Nobs Magazine Review: TW Magazine.

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Where do I begin?

Normally, when the new edition of a Nigerian magazine is released, I get really upset. When I saw this cover however, I was not in anyway upset.

My reaction was very unexpected. How did I react you may ask? Why don’t I let you react first? For those of you who have not seen the 2014 February Edition of TW, Here you go:


I burst out laughing. I honestly thought it was a joke. Well I did not really think it was a joke because this is not the first time TW would release a magazine cover as lousy as this. Nigerian magazines are so mediocre.

Once again I ask. Where do I begin?


The bad quality of the pictures: It looks like they were photographed with a phone with great picture quality.

The theme For The Cover: “To inspire. To love. To be fit for life” It sounds like something the editor came with exactly one minute before they submitted to print. Please repeat it slowly in  your head and see how ridiculous and disjointed it sounds.

Outfit: What did they want the cover to exude? Answer:Fitness

They claimed to celebrate weight loss yet they chose black outfits. Black is slimming for those who do not know. Let us put the color aside, these outfits are way too boring. Even Toke Makinwa wears better outfits from this designer(Ejiro Amos Tafiri) for her studio shoots.  A whole magazine!!!!

Hair&Make-Up: The only thing partially acceptable on this cover. I have a huge problem with the choice of hairstyles though. Way too regular.

Jewellery: I would ordinarily ask what rubbish Kate Henshaw has on her right wrist, but then I think I should thank you for at least giving her some jewelry as you did not include that in Abisola Awosanya’s ensemble.

Poses: One question. Is there a creative director?

Let me not even get into the poor lettering


They could have played around  with this shoot in so many breathtakingly creative ways, but no!! they just had to pick the boring and easy option. The worst part is that most Nigerians, would pick up a copy of this magazine and be blown away. When will we take a stand against mediocrity, and stop managing. I refuse to rant about how you can give a Nigerian, faeces on a ceramic plate and they would accept it with a grateful and thankful heart.

To the creative team at TW, we expect way better for your March Edition, if you produce rubbish again we here at 360Nobs would throw it right back at you. You are a creative team, be creative. (Reading lots of international magazines would help)

Just in case you were wondering, Kate Henshaw is the ceramic plate and what TW magazine has presented us with this month rather slapped us with is a huge chunk of faeces.

TW featured imageTW featured imageTWFebruaryCover-1__360nobs__360nobs

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  1. @ writer; I think your thoughts are jumbled up! Your post isn’t very clear! What exactly are you saying about Toke’s look and pictures in the magazine?

    1. @ghostwriter The message is very clear. I made no comments concerning Toke Makinwa’s appearance in the magazine, the reference was to outfits for her studio shoots.

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