360Nobs Style: Insta-Style-Review(Valentine’s Day Special)

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Hi guys, How did your valentine’s weekend go?

This week insta-style-review isn’t based on the entire week. All looks are from just valentine’s day. Exciting yeah? Well not exactly as most of the people who seemed to upload pictures on instagram on Valentine’s day were single people 😥 simply because, all the people in relationships were too busy with more important activities 😉

A few lovestruck people still had time to upload other things asides gifts their partners/spouses/sidechics got them. 😆 Anyways, starting off this week’s stylish single’s countdown is

6)Moyosore Ajeigbe: I love her outfit. Nigerians are absolutely rocking the monochrome trend and she does it well. For me, the shoes are the highlight of the outfit. Instagram: itsmosmiles  instagram.com/itsmosmiles

Shoes-Linzi;  Denim-Penshoppe; Top-Newlook; Neckpiece-accessorize
Shoes-Linzi; Denim-Penshoppe; Top-Newlook; Neckpiece-accessorize


5)Mofe: Why is she on this countdown? Her outfit is really nice, but this picture right here is my gift to all my readers, I mean it is still the month of love yeah?.

Such hotness should really not be hidden. 😀 Instagram:Mofe_  instagram.com/mofe_


4)Moji: Girls whose names start with M are very stylish apparently. Such a cliche thing to say. Her skirt is from River Island, Tee-shirt is Mango and the shoes are Zara. I do not think she spent Valentine’s day in Nigeria so the length of the skirt is not a problem for me. (A little something called dressing like a Roman in Rome) Plus she has great legs. What do you think?

Instagram:StyleCaramel  instagram.com/stylecaramel

I am positive her ex has left like 20 missed calls on her phone
I am positive her ex has left like 20 missed calls on her phone since she posted this photo


3)Aqua: She is dressed like if you told her Happy Valentine’s day she would punch your face. 😐 No jokes.

I love this jumpsuit, and I love love love and love her lipstick color. She tried to tone the gothic look down with the nude/brown infusions(I cant say which because the picture is edited). Don’t worry dear, we know your true intentions were to mourn valentine’s day and 360NobsStyle loves you that way. Great Outfit.

Instagram: Omopastor92  instagram.com/omopastor92


2)Salewa Akindolire:  This is such a delicate outfit, I feel like no one else can pull this off. Why? So much is going on, from the yellow shoes, to the sequined blouse, the printed skirt, and the snakeskin purse.

I do not even think I would pull this off as well as she does. A true fashionista. Instagram: Misscocodella instagram.com/misscocodella

salewa akindolire

1)Terence Sambo: Our number one must see look of this week is by the well-known  OneNigerianBoy. He is wearing a Trine Lindegaard jumper. I dont see anything wrong with this ensemble. Those shoes are  BEAU-TI-FUUUULLLL.

Instagram: OneNigerianBoy  instagram.com/onenigerianboy

terrence sambo onenigerianboy

That is all, on this week’s insta-style review. Remember, to get featured just add #360NobsStyle to your instagram posts.

Stay Fashionable Fashionistas.



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