360Hawt: Omawumi – Finally + You Must Love Me + Serious Love Nwantinti (Remix)

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Stop The Press! Omawumi just dropped 3 lovely singles – Finally, You Must Love Me and Serious Love Nwantinti (remix)

Multiple awards winning Nigerian singer, Omawumi has released three beautiful ballads that captures the essence of the Valentine season and an everyday lovers’ anthem. The three songs entitled Finally, You Must Love Me and Serious Love Nwantinti (remix) are timeless classics that show more musical diversity of the gifted singer.

Without any hype, Omawumi‘s first cut, ‘Finally’ produced by E-Kelly is a powerful music narrative that has a mind of its own. Finally describes the genesis of every relationship, the lady’s pretence and the required patience by the man before giving up on his prospective lover. The rhythm and melody expresses personal ecstasy as Omawumi delivers the song. Since everyone has experienced either some success or failure at love, the subject Finally touches on is a familiar territory.

Omawumi‘s second single, ‘You Must Love Me’ is more receptive due to its mid-tempo masterpiece. The lyrics of ‘You Must Love Me’ is enthralling with the profession of true love and then, you can’t fault Omawumi’s vocal charms and the song’s excellent production by Sizzle Pro. It’s very infectious.

With Omawumi‘s third single, ‘Serious Love Nwatinti (remix)’, Omawumi highlights her love for live instrumentation. You will notice that the tempo of the song Serious Love Nwatinti (remix) has increased compared to the original version on her debut album, Wonda Woman.

Download Omawumi – Serious Love Nwantinti


  Omawumi - Serious Love Nwantinti.mp3 (3.5 MiB, 6,393 hits)

Omawumi sure has a great musical mind that goes beyond one type of music and she pushes the boundaries at every given opportunity with a much heavier confidence on R&B-infused vocals.

Finally‘ is off Omawumi‘s Lasso of Truth Deluxe album.

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  Omawumi - Finally (4.8 MiB, 2,471 hits)

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  Omawumi - You Must Love Me (5.4 MiB, 1,890 hits)

Download and Share Omawumi – Serious Love Nwantinti (Remix)


  Omawumi - Serious Love Nwantinti (Remix) (5.1 MiB, 2,520 hits)



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