12-Year Old Girl Who Cries Stones Becomes Medical Mystery [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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A 12-year old Yemeni girl has emerged that cries stones, leaving doctors baffled and local villagers scared.

Saadiya Saleh, who lives in a village in Yemen, produces the small, hard stones beneath her eyelids.

They are then naturally pushed to the front of her eyes, before falling down her cheeks.

A video of the bizarre phenomenon was posted on YouTube by Yemeni television channel Azal.

Footage shows Saadiya lying on a hospital bed, surrounded by doctors and relatives – one of whom can be seen brushing a stone out of the child’s eye with a cloth.

A doctor then holds up a small box full of stones that have fallen out of Saadiya’s eyes in just a few hours.

Medics said they could not give an explanation for the condition – with Saadiya not suffering from any known disease.

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