ZEN MAGAZINE: Gorgeous Jewellery, Handbags and Accessories From Botswana’s Afrika Lace (Photos

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Spice up your look this month with some eye-popping accessories all made in Botswana. Check out our contents for January and please do remember to drop your comments for the designer in the box below! Tell her what you think of her collection. You can email your orders toafrikalace@gmail.com

Contents Jan 2014 Zen+Magazine+Fashion+Editorial+for+African+Lace1 Zen+Magazine+Fashion+Editorial+for+African+Lace2 Zen+Magazine+Fashion+Editorial+for+African+Lace3 Zen+Magazine+Fashion+Editorial+for+African+Lace4 Zen+Magazine+Fashion+Editorial+for+African+Lace5 Zen+Magazine+Fashion+Editorial+for+African+Lace6 Zen+Magazine+Fashion+Editorial+for+African+Lace7



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