Why OLAMIDE Was The Artiste Of The Year 2013

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So. the HEADIES happened. I’ll confess I didn’t watch it and I don’t care and this isn’t random not caring. I just don’t need some fat old guys in suits telling me whose music I should have enjoyed most this year. It’s ok when I do it though. That’s because I’m slim and young, and cool.

Lots of songs in 2013. From club bangers like Sars and Wizkid’s Beat of life (I personally never thought I’d stop hearing that one) to the Wizkid’s lightskinned girl Anthem – in case you don’t know it, I’m talking about “Caro”.  Caro, dear readers is a superhero. Fires faster than a Ferrari, Sweeter than Oyin, and wants it every minute. Caro is the perfect girlfriend. In other news, sales of bleaching cream has gone through the roof. There’s even one called Caro White, for when your BF has an albino fetish or is really into Snow White.

2013 was the year of the hustle. Our generation has changed the defacto way to look at money making. It used to be go to school, read your books, get good grades and maybe a nice 9 to 5 job. That’s still not  bad dream but we know Caro isn’t going to be sitting in the front seat of your leased Toyota Camry. No, my friends, booty like that demands at the very least a Range Rover Sport. Alternative career paths have become the norm now. In a world were Basketmouth earns more in a week than the branch managers of some banks do in a month, it isn’t hard to see why someone would decline a 9 to 5 career.

The hustle is on, it’s in and it’s booming. Right now there are thousands of boys all over the country, hunched in front of laptops making beats, over books writing lyrics, and practising dance moves and comedy skits. These kids need inspiration and nothing does that better than Music. You know how it is. You close your door, pop in your headphones and press play. You heard the first few beats of “Voice of the Street” and you feel like no matter what the day throws at you, you’re gonna handle it like a G.

Olamide’s story rings so true because it is how street boys all wish it would end. We wish to go from, to quote drake “M**f*kers never loved us” to chilling in VIP, Dom Perignon in hand listening to “Turn Up”. That particular song though. It’s like a testimony. It’s saying to all the haters “Hello, how are you?”.  It’s the story of the struggling hood kid made good. It’s all the hope and wishes of everyone who ever had to go without. It’s spiritual. It’s deep. It’s poetry. It reminds you that no matter how cold the street is right now, keep your head down, keep your game tight and very soon you’ll get to Turn Up.




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  1. That doesn’t make sense. Is the awards a judgement of the music or the inspiration? Please. Wizkid should have gotten it

    1. I’m sorry let me clarify. I mean “Why he embodied the year 2013”. WizKid was undoubtedly the best artiste last year but Olamide connected more with me. I wasn’t talking about any music industry awards. They don’t consult me and I tend not to agree with them.

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