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On the first of July 2013 Sir Alex Ferguson, the greatest manager to ever be involved in the prestigious round leather game (regardless of your opinion) retired from football. Amid fanfare, enormous expectations and huge banners around Old Trafford calling him the chosen one, David Moyes, an eleven year veteran in the premiership with Everton FC and an epitome of consistency in the premiership, a man touted as SAF’s handpicked successor took over the reins at Carrington.

6 months, 30 games, 17 wins and 7 losses (5 of them coming at old Trafford) later, the banners of “In Moyes We Trust” have been torn off the Sir Matt Busby stand and United fans on twitter have abandoned their #ManU4Life hash tags for #MoyesOut. So, how exactly did we get here?

While managers like Mourinho inherited teams with players like Oscar, Hazard and Cahill; Pep Guardiola inherited the European footballer of the year in Ribery, Robben and Alaba; and Ancelotti got C. Ronaldo, Di Maria and Alonso. “The Chosen one” inherited Carrick, Valencia and Ashley Young. The only special players in his side are Rooney and Van Persie. Yes yes, united possess a lot of promise in Januzzaj and Jones, Madrid and Bayern can also boast of plenty potential in their ranks; Rafina, Kroos, Jesse Rodriguez, Isco and Moratta to mention a few. This was only the beginning of Manchester United’s problems. An embarrassing summer transfer window in which Manchester united chased Lars Bender, Adan Herrera, Thiago Alcantara and Cesc Fabregas and ended up landing Fellaini whilst still trying to convince Rooney to stay at Old Trafford were a prequel to gathering 34 points from a possible 60 losing 5 games at old Trafford, losing 4-1 to Manchester city and being knocked out in the third round of the F.A Cup. All these have come together to make Moyes first Season at Manchester United far from a dream one.

That said, Moyes’ performance isn’t all bad, Manchester United performed better than any English team in the champions’ league (surprising for a coach with no champions’ league experience), and are in the semi-finals of the league cup dumping out ‘firing from all cylinders-Liverpool” in the process (if only he could reproduce such performances in the premier league).

Manchester United’s problems look set to continue as the transfer targets (Koke, Diego Dosta and Lars Bender) are all still playing in the champions’ league and have a chance of winning the league with their current clubs while for Manchester united, top four seems more of a dream than a battle right now. And performing like this, Manchester united look set to be unable to attract and keep quality players.

But as a true fan of the red devils, if you have ever screamed out the words (Man U for life!!) at a viewing centre (most likely on May 20, 2008), now is the time to prove it we need to get behind the team and give the new manager.  To fix the current problems, David Moyes needs either time or money, neither of which he has been afforded so far. SAF’s shoes are very large and Moyes needs time to grow into those shoes and learn the Man U tradition. That being said, Moyes may or may not be the right man for the job. But this is when we prove our worth as fans and keep the faith.






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  1. United we are
    United we stand
    United for life
    I rep united for life
    Come rain come shine.
    This is the time to separate Fans (three blades blowing fan) from Fanatics.
    I’m sure Sir Alex’s first season was not all rossy too, so whatz the fuzz all about.
    The club replaced a coach of about 27 years and was given another almost Immediately.
    Haba now, no matter how talented the players and the new coach are, it will take time to psycologically adjust to the big bang change.
    ** even if e bad reach relegation (which i knw it’s not possible) i still they rep United dey go.**

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