We Never Dey Suck Breast: Banky W Denies Viral Breast-Sucking Picture [PHOTO]

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Singer Banky W has responded to the picture of a man and woman feasting on a woman’s breasts that has gone viral on the internet.

The Jasi singer went on Twitter to make his case, claiming the person’s head was fatter, and eyebrows not arched.

He did admit there was a resemblance between him and the fan, and said it looked “like a lot of fun”.

Check out the photo below.




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  1. Abeg abeg abeg.

    If I know its not me, why will I be looking for difference?

    I will scream at the top of voice ‘thats not me o, I dont do threesome’

    Him looking for differnces seems like he is trying to convince himself its not him.

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