Very Fast & Furious: Autopsy Reveals Paul Walker And Friend Were Driving At Over 160km/hr

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An autopsy into the death of Paul Walker has revealed the actor and his friend Roger Rodas were driving at an “unsafe speed” of over 160km/hr.

According to a coroner’s report released Friday, the actor’s skin burned off, he suffered from multiple broken bones and a fractured jaw after his November 30 car crash in a California suburb.

It was also revealed the driver of the Porsche Carrera GT carrying the Fast & Furious icon was going 100 mph.

The 40-year-old could have taken a few breaths after impact as bits of soot were found in his trachea, the report states.

The cause of death – which was already stated on his Death Certificate – was from
‘combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.’

The actor’s entire body was charred through the skin it was burned so badly none of his organs were suitable for donation, according to the report.

His body was discovered in the passenger seat in a ‘pugilistic stance,’ which means he was in a defensive position preparing for a crash.

There were multiple fractures throughout his body, including his jaw, collarbone, and left upper arm according to the report. There were also various ribs and pelvic fractures.



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