UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Asks Nigeria To Review Homosexual Ban: “It Will Lead To Prejudice & Violence”

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The secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon has pled with Nigeria to review its recent ban of homosexuals and same-sex marriages, fearing that it may lead to prejudice and violence.

Under the law, same-sex couples who live together or attempt to solemnize their union with a ceremony can be punished with 14 years in prison.

“The secretary general strongly hopes that the constitutionality of the law can be reviewed,” spokesman for the UN chief, Martin Nesirky said.

Ban “fears that the law may fuel prejudice and violence” and also believes that it “risks obstructing effective responses to HIV/AIDS,” Nesirky said.

He also added that Ban has expressed concern over “reports that police in northern Nigeria have arrested individuals believed by the authorities to be homosexuals, and may even have tortured them.”

Five men have appeared in court in the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi for allegedly forming a gay club, a court official said on Wednesday.



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  1. lol. am laughing seriously to that moon man. am sure in his country such is not allowed and he is trying to impose that on Nigeria. he is as sick as the word Homosexual. i guess he still lives in the moon. nonsense! am happy the president signed it cos its rili nonsense. let them wait until one of the homosexual guy gets his anus damaged before they realise it is complete nonsese. the devil will rili torture their anus if they die without repenting of their sinful ways. ingrates! biting the finger that feeds them. my God can never! be mocked ANIMALS.

  2. well Nigerians have always believed the hiv can be caused by alot of different things not just gay ……. so that shouldn’t be a pproblem.

  3. my problem with this law is , except caught in the act how do they know the if the pple they arrested are gay. can’t even imagine an innocent man going 2 jail 4 14years

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