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Cheating sometimes occurs when we don’t plan it and sometimes people hurt their partners when they didn’t mean to. It is okay if this happens once and you both can get over it, what is not okay is for you to have a partner who belongs to any of the categories below.

Serial Cheater-  Also known as the Bedhopper, this person has little or no respect for you or the relationship, because they would never stop sharing their bodies with the world. A man or woman who cheats on their spouse and is sorry until they cheat again has a problem they need to fix and you really have to let them go fix this problem…without you.

The Two Timer- This type doesn’t exactly cheat regularly, they just have too many “weak” moments and they cant help themselves. Unlike the serial cheater, they don’t share the goodies for as many people as possible, they strictly have two people at a time, namely; the main chic/man and the side chic/man.

Some of them don’t even see it as cheating, somewhere in their sick mind, it is having the same as having a spare tyre or a back up plan.

Anybody who feels the need to have a back up plan in a relationship needs to go fix himself or herself before settling down with anybody.

The Honest Cheater- These ones are very different from the aforementioned; they sneak around but are always quick to confess before their secret is in the open. I wish I could say they were better, but they are as guilty as the rest of the other cheaters.

Whether or not he or she came to you to confess the crime doesn’t downplay what he or she has done.

The Innocent Cheater- This one are the “wickedest”, they cheat on you and keep a poker face you would never even think they are guilty of such a heinous crime. They are the sweetest cheaters in the history of cheating and if you didn’t “catch” them, you would never know how generous they can be with their bodies.



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