Trailer For John Uche’s Religion-Themed Drama ‘All Things’

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All Things is a new movie from Nigerian director John Uche. The movie follows five female friends who endure the storms of life, experiencing a series of emotional roller coaster events. One (Oyin) soars into depression after going through the tragedies of disappointment from a loved one and family demise. Those who have never had to lean on faith find it’s not at all what they believed it to be and while the veteran of faith (Ronke) inspire the weak learning to lean harder on her own beliefs and Faith as she fights the fight of Faith to keep her sick mother alive. Reunited by their all forgiving love, they discover they are truly bonded as a family, separated by life’s tragedies yet connected by Love and their faith in God and in each other.

For those that like religion-themed/Nigerian movies, this might be one you to check out.

The exact release date is yet to be announced however from all indications, it seems this movie will be released the the first half of 2014

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