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Life is too short for unnecessary baggage, wrong choices and unneeded friends. If by chance you have any of these type of friends, you need to shed them fast to stay healthy.

-The type who only comes around when they need you. And have conversations that go like this;

Hey b, how have you been (then without waiting for a response) can I borrow your car this weekend? Or *fill in any other need he or she is asking for*.

And when you oblige, they come over and that’s the last you hear from them till they need you again.

-The one friend who makes you feel like you never do anything right. If he or she always finds the slightest reason to condemn something you do everytime, never makes you feel happy and leaves you no room to be proud about your accomplishment, well…

-ever had a friend who competes with you for anything and everything? Even when there is obviously nothing to compete on? I know many people would automatically attribute this behavior to women, but Guys, ever had a friend who instead of congratulating you on a new promotion or accomplishment, goes out of his way to make a competition out of it just to show you he is better? Or one who would stupidly start arguments about who has the better girl, drives the better car or owns the better apartment?

Any friend that turns anything between you two to a championship isn’t exactly your friend, friends celebrate friends not compete with them.

-One who never ceases to talk about his/her problems all of the time. Hey! Everyone’s got problems and we don’t wear it on our sleeves everywhere we go.

-the type who gossips about you again, I have constantly heard this being attributed to women but I have seen lots of men snitch about their closest male friends. a friend who makes this his/her contribution to your life has to be yanked off.

-The friend who doesn’t get why you are so excited about your job and is never happy for you. Nigeria is already depressing enough; nobody needs a friend who wont make them happy.



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