Ruminating Through God’s Blessings: South African Pastor Makes Congregation Eat Grass [PHOTOS]

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As proof of the power of the spirit of God, a South African pastor, Pastor Daniel Lesogo commanded his congregation to eat grass, and they all did accordingly.

The images sparked controversy on Twitter, and it adds to the worry that religion and spirituality is being used more and more to exploit Africans.

Check out pics below.

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  1. The end time is indeed coming faster than anticipated but 1st that so-call pastor should be arrested! what nonsense. people should stop going to churches all in the name of miracle. even right inside your house u can be healed “if” you know God and his word very well. we have fake preachers. people be ware! anything that u cant find in d bible and ur pastor ask u to do dont do it! ignorant is not an excuse chei! it is well o.

  2. ppl look 4 miracles in churches which is d wrong place n pastors wrong ppl…. Ur salvation miracles and all in need is in Jesus Christ him n him alone

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