PMAN Re-brands: New Logo & Proposed Membership Card Design

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The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) currently as part of its re-branding and re-structuring plans has released its new official logo and hi-tech membership card.

After years of instability driven by disunity and factional sentiments; peace, direction and co-ordination is returning to the Nigerian music union, PMAN. As constant with any re-branding, identity change, DNA and other key elements of a brand are required to be altered, in order to drive freshness.

As expressed by the interim National Chairman, Kevin Lucciano Gabriel, “we are here to re-structure the nation’s number one artist; the union. As we know that it has been plagued by years of gross mis-management of resource that driven a lot of unpleasant relationships with industry stakeholders, musicians, the public and corporate affiliations of the union.”

“In order to address these concerns, we have decided to re-create some of our keys elements which are the official logo and membership cards of the union.”

“Currently, we are discussing with one of the top global card companies to have our membership card deliver values comparable to any international standard cards. Our members will be able to make payments, receive payments, and enjoy loyalty benefits from existing schemes like other professionals in Nigeria, today.”

“Our cards will be clone-free and secured with the highest standard features that will guarantee that it is safe and devoid of theft.”

With this new change, the union is moving forward in a direction that will not just drive membership values but also create the avenues for our music industry to grow and continuously thrive through practitioner knowledge advancement, community service, prospect for public and private sector investments and structure.

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