Pictures: Miley Cyrus Goes Topless and shows us several nip slips in her ‘YOU’ Magazine Photo Shoot

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Miley Cyrus‘ New Year’s resolution was obviously to continue from where she left off in 2013 – by revealing as much flesh as possible.

She starts in record time, just a little over a week by posing for her raunchiest Magazine photo shoot yet complete with multiple (and possibly intentional) nipple slips, fleshy moments and that very unsexy stuck out tongue for YOU magazine.

Happy New Year Miley's Nipple
Happy New Year Miley’s Nipple

The pictures are actually outtakes from her photo-shoot for YOU magazine last year, but they didn’t hit the internet until this week.

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No Miley, your tongue can’t reach your nipple

Do you think in 2014, Miley might as well release her own sex tape or should she buy a bra and get herself the required help? Have your say in the comments below while checking out the rest of her raunchy magazine photo-spread courtesy of

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  1. She needs to quit it cos trying to be ratchet aint winning at all. Right now, she’s gone from being expressive to down right disgusting.

  2. Why would she glorify smoking? Yeah lets promote young girls to smoke by saying it looks kool with a cigerette in your mouth! Set a better example Cyrus!

  3. I think she should keep on going she is doing what others are afraid to do and pushing the envolope. People just still look at her as a kid and I don’t think that’s right the things that people say that are negative are just comments of uneducated retards look back in history at all the women that changed thinks if it wasn’t for we mom like her none of you girls out there would be warring your little bikinis or Even blue jeans at that. Well most of you probable shouldn’t be wareing them anyway because ur all probably lonely ugly girls that are jealous of her get a life if you don’t like what she’s doing ignore it don’t search her leave her alone.

  4. F u all. I think she is stunning, she’s not a minor anymore. She has a banging little body and she chooses to show it off. Haters are gonna hate……f-ing losers

  5. She might as well just shoot complete nudes, you can see everything in these pics. There was even some vag you could see threw that whit one piece. She’s got the body for it.

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